UK regulators have vowed to name and shame banks that unfairly refuse to provide account services to payment firms, and could even impose financial penalties on offenders.
Payments Canada is anticipating that the country will have a real-time payments system as soon as 2019, as the body pushes ahead with plans for development and implementation.
UK payment providers are fighting for survival as high street banks continue to block their access to the financial system, with incoming regulatory reforms offering scant comfort in the short term.
The Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) has told the financial sector to ready itself for applications from non-banks planning to open settlement accounts with the Bank of England.
The Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) has hailed the launch of a new UK clearing bank as a potential leap forward for payment providers struggling to gain indirect access to the country’s fund...
A UK payment service provider threatened with losing its access to the country’s payment systems has formally requested regulatory intervention, the first application of its kind.
Lithuanian industry insiders hope an incoming regulatory framework for “specialised banks” will help e-money institutions gain a foothold in a bank-dominated payments market.
Trump's team announces dismantling of Dodd-Frank Act as FinCEN issues final rule on North Korea; Facebook gains e-money licence in Ireland; the PSR extends its industry probe on payment system...
Faster Payments confirms link-up with Raphaels Bank; a Russian gang of cybercriminals appears to have broken into Oracle payment systems; the Philippines central bank fines Rizal Bank for its part...
Israel’s top financial regulator has said legal and technical hurdles should be removed to allow non-bank providers access to the country’s bank-controlled payment systems.
Lawmakers in the UK will examine whether financial sector regulation could be amended to ease access to payment systems and bring the country’s 1.5m unbanked adults into the formal financial system.