A report by international finance chiefs has warned that multi-jurisdictional non-banking entities such as PayPal are slipping through regulatory cracks as they mushroom in size.
The UK’s financial watchdog has said scrutiny of senior management in banking and payments institutions will be the early focus of the new industry regulator.
Payments giants MasterCard and Visa are facing a class action lawsuit over the security of their cards following one of the largest data breaches in history.
A new initiative from industry body techUK could see the identification burden lightened for financial services customers.
A Dutch court has ruled that a software company unlawfully asked bank customers to input their personal security details into its website to access their accounts on the bank’s system.
Card fraud in the US is likely to rise as huge swathes of US businesses remain unprepared for one of the largest transitions in payments history, a leading financial advisory firm has said.
A senior financial expert has implored regulators to look beyond forceful warnings, following the European Commission’s declaration that stringent crypto-currency policy is imminent.
François Marc and Philippe Marini, president and general rapporteur of the committee of finance of the Senate, have published a report on behalf of the finance committee on issues related to...
Legal experts have said “powerful” crypto-currencies are too large and risky for regulators to ignore, following a new report by the worldwide financial crime standards body.
Tracfin's virtual currency working group, comprising members of the French regulator, has produced an overview of the risks and threats associated with virtual currencies. The overview has been...
Banque de France has published a review with the aim of evaluating the operation of Bitcoin, illustrating particular dangers posed by virtual currencies to users and laying out the challenges of a...