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A major UK bank is turning to crypto-currency technology to battle its continual plague of IT failings and technical glitches, believing the Blockchain will help fire it back to the top.
The emergence of crypto-currency forensics, or analysis of the Blockchain to track the flow of funds, has ignited debate around new risks to the integrity of Bitcoin as a payment system.
The world’s top anti-money laundering watchdog has today published guidance and recommendations on a raft of issues from handling virtual currencies to the inherent dangers of banks de-risking...
With Blockchain technology still in its infancy, experts at the centre of the debate have warned the payments industry it may be wise not to believe the hype.
The UK’s big banks are all experimenting with the technology underpinning Bitcoin, as reports suggest the Blockchain could save up to £12.5bn a year. 
Santander and InnoVentures, in collaboration with partners Oliver Wyman and Anthemis Group, have published this report on Fintech 2.0. The paper highlights the multi-billion dollar opportunity open...
The Department of Financial Services has published the final BitLicense of New York codes, rules and regulation, which is the product of a nearly two-year-long inquiry.Benjamin M. Lawsky,...
This week's payments news in brief, covering regulatory updates from the U.S. and deals and announcements from the UK and Canada.
With debt talks raging on and still no answer in sight, the unlikely saviour of Greece’s ailing economy could be found in the Bitcoin Blockchain, or so a team of crypto-currency experts claim.
An influential banking body has released two reports acknowledging the revolutionary force of crypto-currency technology.