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Greek businesses are increasingly turning to Bitcoin in the face of capital controls, political uncertainty and economic strife, according to industry insiders.
Earlier this week we reported that European financial crime investigators are considering Bitcoin tracking via the blockchain. We asked readers if they backed the idea of law enforcement using the...
Weekly payment industry news in brief featuring iZettle, Bitcoin in Iran, Bitcoin arrests in Taiwan, PayPal in Kenya and the Commonweath Virtual Currency Working Group.
Argentina’s burgeoning crypto-currency community has called for clarity from regulators, as the gulf widens between federal authorities and increasingly Bitcoin-friendly city officials.
As we report today that European financial crime investigators are considering Bitcoin tracking via the blockchain, answer our poll and post your thoughts. Results to be published at the end of the...
EU law enforcers are examining ways of using blockchains to curb financial crime by tracking Bitcoin transactions, as senior advisors claim regulating crypto-currency exchanges may not be enough.
Paymark, the bank-owned payments service which accounts for 75 percent of all e-money transactions in New Zealand, may be sold as it faces threats from newer technologies.
More backing for the potential of blockchains has appeared in a major industry report, which follows current thinking that the technology has significantly more potential than the virtual...
American payments giant Visa has tabled a $21bn (£13.4bn) offer for its European sister company — more than double the figure it had originally suggested the takeover was worth, according to reports.
Payments news in brief, featuring Ghana, Nigeria, China, the UK's Payment Systems Regulator, MasterCard selfies and Commonweath Bitcoin.