Serbia’s financial regulator has published a draft law promising major reform of the country’s stuttering payments system, a move legal experts believe is long overdue.
US financial services giant Visa will open its payment network for the first time in 50 years as it seeks to boost security standards in a bid to keep pace with strides made by Apple Pay.
Patchwork state-by-state regulation of e-money in the US is killing innovation and stifling growth of European companies hoping to enter the market, a top payment executive has said.
For the payments and telecoms industries, Africa has become synonymous with mobile money and mobile payments developments. This briefing explores the rise of mobile money in Africa from both a...
Reforms to Peru’s payment industry regulations began in 1997, seeking to improve security and efficiency, as well as promote emerging payment services. These reforms peaked in 2013, when Peru...
China is to open bank clearing systems to foreign companies for the first time in its history as it attempts to loosen domestic card system UnionPay’s stranglehold on the market.
PayPal’s disrupted entry into the Serbian market has been caused by a technical hitch rather than a regulatory hold-up, the country’s top bank has insisted.
WorldPay has vowed to continue working with US law enforcement agencies after a ringleader of “one of the most sophisticated payment frauds in history” was sentenced to 11 years in jail.
Payment processor SafeCharge has bolstered gambling exposure propelling its shares to analyst-defying levels, but says it has eyes on retail and travel as part of future expansion.
Banking regulators are likely to be “conservative” when they consider the first applications for a new and innovative type of bank charter which will allow payment processors in the US to handle...
The payments industry is struggling to meet consumer demand and must continue to innovate to develop new payment processes, a new report says.
New merchant codes for regulated U.S. Internet gambling transactions will not be a panacea for an online industry that is still struggling to find its feet, our sister publication...
Kalixa has said regulatory fragmentation of emerging markets has prised open a space worth trillions of dollars as it becomes the latest payment processor to target Latin America and Africa.
Payment processor SafeCharge is stockpiling cash for a major acquisition following a significant profit increase, and is eyeing up food, retail and online games for its expansion.
Optimal Payments said it has nothing to fear by tech giant Apple’s sudden move into its territory, and announced plans to develop its own wearable devices after posting better than expected half...
The European Central Bank has provided recommendations on ways to ensure that third-party access to accounts is secure.