PaymentsCompliance looks at a 2014 Central Bank regulation which has paved the way for the roll out of e-money in the Latin American country.
The Canadian government is to revamp its payment system and the body which oversees it, pushed by the growth of e-money services and demand for greater consumer protection.
Patchwork state-by-state regulation of e-money in the US is killing innovation and stifling growth of European companies hoping to enter the market, a top payment executive has said.
For the payments and telecoms industries, Africa has become synonymous with mobile money and mobile payments developments. This briefing explores the rise of mobile money in Africa from both a...
PayPal’s disrupted entry into the Serbian market has been caused by a technical hitch rather than a regulatory hold-up, the country’s top bank has insisted.
Payment processor SafeCharge has bolstered gambling exposure propelling its shares to analyst-defying levels, but says it has eyes on retail and travel as part of future expansion.
Uganda’s banking regulator is scrutinising mobile payment legislation and has warned operators offering electronic money services they must forge closer partnerships with commercial banks.
One of the world’s most unstable and fraud-stricken financial markets, Zimbabwe, is to regulate e-money as a response to rapid payment technology advances.
Technology giant Apple has a regulatory minefield lying in wait for its new mobile payment service which could see it regulated like a financial institution, industry experts have warned.
Taiwan’s government has passed a draft act to govern online payments, in a move Premier Jiang Yi-huah hopes will boost the East Asian state’s burgeoning e-commerce industry.
New regulations to control the growth of e-money and e-payments services in Turkey have been announced to help regain control of the country’s finances.
Significant updates to UK AML procedures are needed to reflect changes in technology as e-wallet use continues to rise, industry experts say.
Sweeping changes to payment regulations have been welcomed by a batch of new industry start-up leaders which believe the disruption and disorder to old banking systems is long overdue.
Iraq’s banking chiefs are ready to issue payment cards and mark an unprecedented shift away from one of the most cash-dominated societies on earth, PaymentsCompliance can reveal.
The Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) has published a four-page paper explaining the differences between Bitcoin and electronic money as some media reports have confused the virtual...