Nine of the world’s top investment banks have formed a partnership to design and deliver a universal standard in blockchain and ledger technology for global financial services. 
U.S. state bank watchdogs have assembled a group of regulators to study the rapidly evolving payments landscape, with a mandate to investigate and potentially legislate virtual currencies.
The date of the final European Parliament vote on the revisions to payment services has been announced, as industry names make a final push to have their voices heard.
Major security aspects of blockchain technology have been called into question by Bitcoin software developers, who believe unaddressed weaknesses could spell trouble for those currently racing to...
UK banking giant Barclays has signed up for a cloud-based contingency payment service for its corporate customers as financial institutions increase their focus on risk mitigation.
Investment giant UBS is seeking to go beyond Bitcoin and the blockchain by developing its own crypto-currency and settlement tool, which it hopes will connect all areas of financial services under...
A sweeping report into Australia’s financial crime detection flaws has criticised banks for shutting or denying accounts for payment remittance companies, as an overhaul of laws becomes...
Politicians, analysts and failed bidders have attacked the decision of India’s central bank to approve just 11 applicants for payments bank status as a “shock” and “arbitrary”.
Ukraine is to cut cash usage and further concentrate on digital payments in a bid to tackle corruption and reduce handling costs for banks. 
The Swiss government has rejected an initiative to allow strict privacy in financial matters, at a time when the country is under immense scrutiny for its guarded banking practices.
This week's payments news in brief, with details on contactless in the UK; a Visa and MasterCard antritust suit nearing collapse; Klarna; more interchange wrangles; PayPal in the US; and a Bitcoin...
A global financial crime index which awards scores for countries on the basis of their anti-money laundering controls has placed Germany as one of Europe’s worst areas amid other eye-catching...
Banking giants Citigroup and Barclays have put blockchain technology at the top of their agenda as both announce experimentation with crypto-currencies.
A long-awaited review of the UK’s anti-money laundering (AML) regime has been announced.
FBME Bank Ltd has won a reprieve from a “death sentence” imposed by US enforcers which cut it off from dealing in dollars as it fights a swathe of money laundering and fraud allegations.
Consumer groups and politicians have called for regulators to punish one of the world’s largest banks after a catastrophic payments systems failure hit thousands of people in the UK.