Payment Services Directive 2: State of the States Report

Thursday, June 2nd 2016

As a catalyst for new disruptive market entrants, PSD2 is set to reshape the European payments industry. This report, the first to cover the PSD2 across all 28 EU member states, provides six months of interviews with regulators and lawyers.

Since the PSD2 came into effect in January 2016, EU member states have two years to transpose the directive into national law. This means there is a lot of legislative activity and policy development and uncertainty as to how PSD2 will be reflected in national payments frameworks.

To cut through this uncertainty PaymentsCompliance has, over the last six months, been conducting interviews and research into every EU member state and the impact PSD2 will have at national level across the EU.

This research is provided in our new report Payment Services Directive 2: State of the States

The 100+ page report is broken down on a jurisdictional basis and includes a chapter on each EU member state with expert insights into the impact of PSD2 and conformity issues the jurisdiction faced in transposing the original payment services directive, which may highlight wrinkles to come.

The report also highlights a number of emerging issues the payments industry needs to grasp. These include: insurance; data protection conflicts; the role of banks; and emerging new players in the payments ecosystem and the impacts of these, among other business-critical foward view research.


The report will provide executives at payment institutions, e-money issuers, banks, and their lawyers and advisors with a comprehensive overview of the impacts PSD2 is having in shaping the future of European payments.   



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