Case Study: How PaymentsCompliance makes legal teams more effective

Tuesday, September 25th 2018

The Challenge

Our client is one of the largest card payment organisations in the world, offering both mobile and online payments. Their legal team is tasked with the complex remit of managing compliance issues and overseeing regulatory requirements across all global jurisdictions in which the company operates. Given the scale of the business and its compliance requirements, it was extremely difficult for the team to find news and analysis of compliance notices.

The Solution

With the team using general news sources, the choice to opt for PaymentsCompliance was driven by the need for updated and specific industry news, with PaymentsCompliance providing them with updated news so they can monitor payment regulation across the globe. The most value, however, is drawn from using PaymentsCompliance to determine what they might need to change to be compliant with new and updated regulations, such as PSD2, or open banking where the proposals being put forward could end up changing their business model.

The Outcome

Our solution provides our client with the research they require for their entire business. The legal team depend on PaymentsCompliance content to write their regulatory reports for management, which provide them with news about what is happening in the sectors they operate. The real value for the client, however, is how PaymentsCompliance aids efficiency throughout the business.

“Using PaymentsCompliance makes us as a business, and in our individual roles, more effective.”