Companies which outsource payment processing duties to third parties or store “too much” customer data are most at risk of a new wave of industry sanctions, security experts have warned.
Bruno Balduccini and Tatiana Guazzelli, partner and associate at Pinheiro Neto Advogados, offer some insight into the recent electronic payment regulation which was introduced in Brazil and suggest...
China’s planned launch of an international payment system to process cross-border yuan transactions may only be designed to put off fair trade legal action by the World Trade Organisation,...
Sweeping changes to the UK payments sector are being wrought as the new regulator reviews bank account switching and a major industry body admits it is to undergo significant structural change.
The UK government has widened banking laws to allow greater reach for the country’s new payments watchdog three weeks before the body enters into force.
Lawmakers in Utah are mulling over state regulation of crypto-currency, with proposed legislation steadily making its way through the Senate.
A milestone cap on debit and credit card fees may spell ominous news for the wider payments industry, despite being hailed “a major victory for consumers”, experts believe.
Banks, cowed by incoming regulation and the threat of enormous fines for non-compliance, could increasingly refuse to open business accounts for “risky” payment companies, legal experts have warned.
The European Parliament has today voted to cap interchange fees for card payments under EU-wide rules.
The UK government believes reform of its payments sector has been key to its emergence as a major global fintech hub, and indicated initiatives help the industry hurdle red tape are imminent.
Virtual currencies will increasingly be used by organised criminal groups to exploit regulatory weaknesses and launder money, according to new predictions by the EU’s law enforcement agency.
The UK is to bolster financial regulatory defences by asking businesses how suspicious activity reporting procedures can be improved.
Card fees in Australia are to be overhauled following cases in Europe and the U.S. where caps have been placed on the amounts Visa and MasterCard can charge on every transaction.
A major Australian inquiry into the status of virtual currencies has been extended until August, after government figures were unable to reach a consensus this week.
A German bank, which offers specialised crypto-currency services, has bullishly claimed its first branchless platform for U.S. customers and will likely not encounter any regulatory problems.
South Africa is set to overhaul its complex and restrictive payment systems, and redraw mobile money markets, in a push to help the country’s unbanked population.