Lobbyists are urging European authorities to exclude certain transactions from stringent internet payment security rules set to be ready next January.
In a market traditionally dominated by banks, cards and cash, early signs of promise for Latvia’s fledgling non-bank payment sector are starting to appear.
German payments companies are headed for a period of uncertainty as the country’s financial regulator BaFin considers its plans for implementing new European rules.
New European payments laws do not sufficiently address controversial practices such as “screen scraping”, industry experts have said, causing delays to innovation and risks to financial data security.
The MEP authoring a major EU report on virtual currencies and blockchain has told PaymentsCompliance he believes the technology can transform financial services given the right support.
Payments providers are concerned that impending rules from the European Banking Authority (EBA) on security will be too prescriptive and difficult to comply with. 
One hundred and fifty years of banks ruling the Dutch payments space is ending as new challengers ring in the changes brought about by EU reforms.
European authorities will target big companies after the passing of a trio of rules on payments, data protection and online security, according to the executive of a major compliance body.
The entry of a host of third parties into the EU payments market, facilitated by controversial regulatory reforms, could result in huge costs and legal complexity for smaller firms if fraudulent...
The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is asking the industry how its current guidance measures up ahead of the transposition of EU payment reforms into national law. 
As mobile payment and fintech firms continue to make steady progress in Spain, EU payment reforms have been widely praised for providing the industry with much-needed legal clarity.
European authorities have insisted that new payments laws sufficiently address security concerns, after banking industry experts warned of eye-watering fines for illicit activity they cannot prevent.
Creating a single European payments area for card transactions is “the next logical step” but needs regulatory standardisation, technical interoperability and good security measures, a senior...
This week's payments industry regulatory news, with the European Commission considering Bitcoin; Nigeria's anti-money laundering progress; the European Banking Authority discussing interchange; and...
A schism in the claims new EU payment reforms will eliminate surcharging has appeared as individual countries will have the final say on whether corporate credit cards are included.
A flurry of payments-related activity from legislators has put the ball firmly in the industry’s court for 2016.